Like any other millennial or GenZ child, our adrenalin made us to try out different apps to find right people, places we could go and explore or even the sellers who sold things according to us.

Although we claim that the current tech in the industry and our world has sorted most of our everyday problems, how much of it do you really think is for REAL?

How long do you take to buy an outfit of your kind?

Or to find a trip that matches your vibe?

Well, current big giant platforms give us many recommendations to choose from. However, bear in mind that this isn’t based on who we are or our choices but based on what they want us to buy from. Most of these platforms are for free and we understood it is because we are their product, not customers and this had to change.With growing cyber threats and inflated reviews, our team felt to take a control of this situation and start from a country where we have the highest youth population – India.

This is how Tripsero was born.Our team specializes in building technology products and solutions from scratch that are meant to solve problems and free our people to live a better life.Our super enthusiastic team is working day and night to bring you a platform that is meant for you, all powered by our in-house developed Artificial Intelligence Recommendation Engine.

Our state of the art technology will keep in mind the likes and dislikes of our users before suggesting them anything.We don’t want to be another platform selling user data but your go-to platform for any exploration you want to do. And that exploration could start from buying the right outfit to finding a trip matching your vibe! 😉